Wondering if you car will fit?

We have a track that is 4.5 inches high and roof clearance of 96 inches which is the tallest automatic in Bozeman. Worried about your bike rack, ski rack or Thule? We are brushless so none of those are a problem and we will still spray them off for you!

Wondering where we are located?

1303 N 7th ave, Bozeman, Mt 59715.

Scrubby's Car Wash is Bozeman, MT only exterior full service brushless car wash. Every car is pre-soaked for bugs (seasonal) and hand prepped and hand dried by our very experienced employees who enjoy their job everyday. Enjoy our free vacuuming and bottle of cleaner and rag we supply to every customer. Click on our washes/discounts page to see our washes we offer.


Monday-Saturday 8:00-6:00 Sunday 9:00-5:00 Telephone 406-586-6541

Worried about Weather?

Ask about our Rain Check Guarantee Card. Rewash with 48 hours of your wash for only $2.00 if it rains or snows. After 10 washes receive $8.00 off Tsunami Wash.